Drones & Thailand 🇹🇭

Public warning for drones to bring in to Thailand. [scroll down].

Aviso público para ingresar drones a Tailandia.

Registration necessary for drones in

holidays to Thailand

With the growing popularity of the drones, the advances in the technology used

and increasing accessibility to the consumer, more tourists now want to take their

drones on vacation with them. This is not surprising, when you consider the

spectacular vacation photos and / or videos that can be taken from an airplane

flying with a camera attached.

Like other popular worldwide places, Thailand has implemented

certain rules and regulations related to the incorporation of aircraft not

manned, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or aircraft

remotely piloted (RPA), and their use as are here.

The National Commission for broadcasting and telecommunications (NBTC) announced that

all aircraft unmanned in Thailand must be registered. If not done,

the owner of a drone could face a sentence of five years of

imprisonment or a fine of up to 100,000 baht.

Tourists can bring their drones to Thailand. However, are not allowed to

fly their drones here until they have registered their devices with the NBTC or the

Thailand (CAAT) Civil Aviation Authority.

In addition, if a drone is taking Thailand for commercial use,

also one must request permission to CAAT.

The drones registration process requires the following: a signed copy of the

Passport of the applicant, a photo and the serial number of the unmanned aircraft, and two

copies of the completed registration form.

The tourists will also want to familiarize yourself with the rules for flying planes does not

manned in Thailand. Among the key points here are the drones:

* must no fly it in a dangerous way over people or property.

* must be flying on the vision horizon line all times

* must not fly over people’s gatherings.

* must not fly near aviation areas.

* must be flayed out of private areas.

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